I have helped many people achieve stress and anxiety free life, and I can help you too.

I am Colette Cottle, an NCH and AfSFH Certified Hypnotherapist. 

Below: All consultations take place in a purpose built consultation room.

You do not have to visit my clinic in Kirkham. I offer hypnotherapy using various on-line platforms. We can use Zoom or Google meet, hypnotherapy is just as effective using web based platforms.

Table of Contents

Solution Focused hypnotherapy helps people to direct their energy and focus away from their problems, this makes finding the solutions faster and easier.

People with stress and anxiety already over-analyse things, so this solution-focused approach is different to traditional analytical therapies. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence and poor sleep quality are often symptoms of anxiety.

Physical pain and medical conditions

This therapy works with the mind and our thought patterns, so whilst it cannot cure physical illness like cancer, neurological disorders, fibromyalgia or tinnitus , it can and does have a profound effect on the lives of people experiencing these and other conditions.

Many illnesses and conditions can cause stress, anxiety and depression, the very things that can make the condition worse and what follows is a vicious cycle.

Hypnotherapy is able to help people to cope better with their conditions; it can even help with physical pain, reducing anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Public speaking and confidence-building

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also help with many other things from preparing for an interview or giving a speech, to improving sports performance and achieving goals.  Our thought patterns have incredible power; Henry Ford recognised this when he famously said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. If you want to stop your limiting thoughts, then hypnotherapy can certainly help.


Anxiety is a natural response when we are in danger or under threat; it is entirely necessary. Unfortunately, when it gets out of control, it can cause all kinds of problems in our lives. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control.

Low self-confidence

Low self-confidence can hold us back and stop us enjoying all kinds of life experiences. Hypnosis is very effective at building confidence, public speaking, preparing for exams and interviews.


A phobia is an overwhelming and irrational fear. It can stop us doing things and enjoying life to the full. The good news is most phobias can be cured in just four sessions of hypnotherapy.


The importance of sleep to our physical and mental well-being can not be overstated. If you are experiencing poor sleep quality, you need to act now and hypnosis can help.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can quickly spiral out of control. What may start as a minor inconvenience can soon become debilitating.


Depression and low mood can affect people quite unexpectedly. Clinical hypnosis combined with psychotherapy can be a very successful treatment for depression.

Anger Issues

Do you find yourself shouting or losing your temper easily?  Do you excuse yourself by believing that you are better off letting off steam than bottling it up? If so, you may have created a habitual anger response that could be negatively affecting your relationships with others. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn to control feelings of anger and violent thoughts by helping you to re-frame your responses so that you react differently to events. 

Using relaxation techniques and suggestion, hypnotherapy can help to control your anger and help cope with some of the symptoms of anger, helping you to feel more in control again.


Having an addiction often means that you feel that you have no control over taking, doing or using something. 

People can become addicted to all sorts of things, most commonly drugs, gambling, alcohol, the Internet, nicotine and food.  Often it might become increasingly difficult to control your urges and work, life and relationships can start to suffer.  

Addiction often starts as a habit , a behavioural pattern that is not particularly damaging to begin with, but over time it can become more powerful and advanced, even interfering with your quality of life. 

Hypnotherapy can provide the support and guidance that can help you alter ingrained behaviour patterns, which then enable you to deal with the underlying causes of your addictive behaviour.  This helps you to rebuild your emotional strength and take control of your habit.

Stopping Smoking

If you know that it’s time for you to stop smoking for financial, social or health reasons then hypnotherapy can help you quit.

During the first part of the session, I will show you the illogical propaganda of your emotional brain and how smoking is 90-95% psychological habit that you can break. 

Through the trance your intellectual mind will be strengthened to enable you to be a non smoker and create new healthy habits in your life.

Weight Management

Managing weight for some people seems easy whilst others appear to battle with it for a lifetime.  Maintaining a healthy weight happens when we have a healthy relationship with food, are motivated, we take more exercise and are content. 

Often we make short term decisions when we are stressed and these might not be the best for our long term goals.  Stress also plays a large part in whether we over eat or starve ourselves, often we do it in response to how stressed we feel.  

Managing your weight with hypnotherapy is no quick fix; however it will enable you to find the motivation for making the necessary changes and reduce the emotional response to food, enabling you to focus on a positive healthy future.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Many people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a condition that is often exacerbated by stress. 

If you are frustrated with your symptoms impacting your lifestyle, then you may be interested to know that Hypnotherapy is supported by the NHS for the relief of IBS symptoms.


Do you let nerves take over when you are expected to perform at your best?  Do you wind yourself up beforehand imagining the worst? 

Using techniques to help you feel calm, focused and relaxed. Hypnotherapy can help you improve performance, whether it is for an interview, driving test, work presentation, or sport.

Exam Nerves

If you are preparing for your exams, you might find that your mind can be both your best friend and your worst enemy!  We can either see the exams as a threat causing anxiety and panic or we can view them as a chance to show off what we’ve learnt. 

Using hypnotherapy techniques, we can re-frame your approach to your exams equipping you with a calm, assured confidence to enable you to do your best.

This article was updated on October 14, 2022